Claire Sykes, poetry

Claire Sykes of Portland has been writing poems since she was ten years old. Her work appears in a few literary journals; and in her chapbooks, The Listening Bell and Blind Light. The “Poetry in Motion” project she created in Bellingham, Washington in the early 80s was the first to put poetry on its city buses, and those in Tacoma then included one of her poems; and for three years she was Associate Editor of the nationally esteemed Poetry Northwest magazine. She’s done dozens of public readings, including those as part of Seattle’s Red Sky Poetry Theater, and Portland’s annual William Stafford Celebration and March Music Moderne. Most recently, a rock-music/Native American dance production by Steven Alvarez in Alaska features her lengthy poetic narrative; and she is at work on a third chapbook. Since 1990, Claire has been a freelance writer of articles covering the arts, health/wellness and other topics, mostly for national magazines.

Crazy Jane Collaborates, 2012
Blind Light