Dominic Bridge, tango

Dominic has been working in tango full time since 2007. He has taught and performed in international tango festivals, cultural events, and offered workshops in over a dozen countries around the world and in Buenos Aires. After a 7-year journey abroad, he returned from Paris to Portland in 2015 with a dream to create Portland’s first tango school and expand the community.
“What I love most about teaching is seeing people light up when they realize they have discovered something new and amazing. Tango is a unique opportunity for people of all cultures to connect and embrace our shared humanity. Tango is meditative by nature, promoting mindfulness and body awareness. Thanks to tango I discovered my artist soul.”
This year, Dominic began developing Portland’s first tango school: PDX Tango. He has brought together a team of six instructors, some of Portland’s finest dancers, dedicated to a common mission, which is to grow the community, cultivate skilled social dancers, and bring tango into more people’s lives. As of this fall they offer a total of six classes, including weekly social dances where they offer free weekly intro classes on Tuesdays. More information at