Jane VanBoskirk has been an actress since graduating from college with a degree in theater.  She performed in theater companies in Charlottesville and Roanoke, Virginia, before moving to Oregon in 1972.  Jane founded and performed with the Oregon Repertory Theater in Eugene for many years.  In 1980, Jane commissioned an historian and a playwright to compose a number of monologues of pioneer women who came to our state on the Oregon Trail.  Jane performed that play, Northwest Women, in theaters, schools, and community halls throughout the Pacific Northwest and along the route of the Oregon Trail.  Jane later toured one-woman shows about immigrant women, Appalachian women, women in the labor movement, and missionary women.  Her recent shows have been Across a Barrier of Fear, a play on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abigail and Others, a biographical play on Abigail Scott Duniway.  Jane is married to Judge Timothy Sercombe and they have three grown children.  Jane has been a member of First Presbyterian Church since 1995, is a Deacon, and is an enthusiastic member of Open Circle and a Disciples group.

Crazy Jane Inner Nature, 2014