Joel Bluestone, percussion

Joel Bluestone, D.M.A., is the co- founder and percussionist with Fear No Music. His project The_Waters_Bluestone_Duel for percussion and live electronics has taken him all over the world. He has been the head of the Percussion department at Portland State University since 1989. Joel’s current love: per forming and traveling with the San Diego-based group Swarmius, where a sonic fusion of Hip-Hop and House-Lounge-Techno meets Modern-Classical.

Personal information:

Hobbies: Sleep.
Family: Wife-Bonnie Lee, Daughter-Teal, Dog-Josie, and a Horse, all of which are female.
Hobbies: Sleep.
Miss: Playing in a Rock Band.
Favorite Food: Red Licorice.
Hobbies: Sleep.
Favorite Clothes: Blue Jeans.
Hair: The curls are real!