Bonnie Miksch

Bonnie Miksch is a composer who writes both acoustic and electroacoustic works. Her music explores the distinctly human realms of emotions, dreams, and states of consciousness, and combines diverse elements with an ear for coherence. Her music has been performed in Asia, Europe, Canada, and throughout the U.S. She has received commissions from Meet the Composer, Fireworks Ensemble, Beta Collide, and the Oregon Music Teacher’s Association who awarded her “Oregon’s Composer of the Year” in 2011. Her works have also been performed by FearNoMusic, Third Angle Ensemble, newEar, and the Portland Vocal Consort, and presented at international, national, and regional venues including ICMC (China, Greece, Singapore, Denmark), The International Contemporary Music Festival (Korea), SEAMUS, the Third Practice Electroacoustic Festival, the Society for New Music, the New World Arts Electrocoustic Festival, Electrogals, and Cascadia Composers. Her music is available on the North Pacific Music and Aca Digital labels. With degrees from CCM at the University of Cincinnati and Syracuse University, she serves as the Coordinator of Composition Studies at Portland State University, where she has taught music theory, composition, and computer music since 2004.

Crazy Jane Prevails, 2015
Allow my heart to ache

Crazy Jane Inner Nature, 2014
La Mer Plastique

Crazy Jane Misbehaves, 2013

Crazy Jane Collaborates, 2012
Surrender me endless

Crazy Jane, 2011
Divinity roused