Jennifer Binkley

Jennifer Binkley was drawn to composing as a career when she heard American choral composer, Morten Lauridsen, speak about his own musical journey while he was guest conductor-in-residence at Portland State University in 2011. Her compositional style is focused on contrapuntal textures, rich harmonies, and motivic ideas. She is drawn to working with emotionally compelling poems and stories in her choral and vocal works as well her instrumental compositions. In 2014, Jennifer was the recipient of Seattle-based chorus, Opus 7’s Student Composition Award where they premiered her choral piece Wind and Silver (2013).

Jennifer is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Portland State School of Music where she studies with Renée Favand-See. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Pre-Medicine from Oregon State University.

Crazy Jane Prevails, 2015
Hokku on a Modern Theme for Mezzo-Soprano