Lisa Ann Marsh

Lisa Ann Marsh is a member of the adjunct piano faculties at Portland State University and Portland Community College. As Director of the Coordinate Movement Program at Portland State University she specializes in retraining injured musicians. Her courses focus on injury prevention, health, and well-being for musicians and mind-body connections for increased artistry and creativity. As a solo and collaborative performer, she specializes in presenting 20th  and 21st century music. Ms. Marsh is pianist with the Marsh-Titterington Piano Duo and former Principle Keyboard with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra. Her original compositions reflect diverse influences and are often inspired by her environment and the artists she collaborates with.

Crazy Jane Prevails, 2015
Dark Waters

Crazy Jane Inner Nature, 2014
La Mer Plastique

Crazy Jane Misbehaves, 2013

Crazy Jane Collaborates, 2012
 From the Sea

Crazy Jane, 2011
Pour le Trio

Other Performances
Crazy Jane Inner Nature, 2014
The Lament of the Red Tree Vole

Crazy Jane Collaborates, 2012
Blind Light
Embarrassing Moments
Idaho Toccata

Crazy Jane, 2011
Mother’s Day 2009: A Lament
Divinity roused