Stacey Philipps

Stacey Philipps writes music of close, lush harmonies and contrapuntal textures, exploring the timbre of voices and instruments in minute detail and sweeping gestures. A lifelong choral singer, Stacey is an early- and new-music devotee, and she currently sings with the Oregon Repertory Singers. Her vocal interests extend to a love for composing choral music and art song, as well as collaborating with solo instrumentalists and chamber music ensembles, as she enjoys the complexity and intricacies of interwoven individual lines. A sometime pianist and frequent dabbler in playing underappreciated instruments – she has an accordion, mountain dulcimer, and ukulele on hand and is pining for a harpsichord, banjo, and viola da gamba – Stacey holds degrees in composition from Portland State University and in philosophy from St. John’s College, Santa Fe.

Crazy Jane, Prevails, 2015
Prevailing Winds

Crazy Jane Inner Nature, 2014
On the Beach at Night Alone

Crazy Jane Misbehaves, 2013
Tale of Wonders