Crazy Jane in the News

“. . . all this music we enjoy was written by real people, and didn’t descend from the heavens on stone tablets inscribed by bewigged deities. Sometimes, in fact, they’re even written by our own friends and neighbors, and much of the music in these shows made me grateful to live in a place and time where our own composers’ creative flowerings can rival the natural beauty around us.”

Read more here. (Article by Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch, January 18, 2016.)


“Another set of Oregon composers, female members of Cascadia Composers, annually showcases some of the freshest, hippest contemporary classical music made in Oregon at their Crazy Jane concerts.”

Read more here. (Article by Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch, November 19, 2014.)


“To break the rules, to make art that’s genuinely risky, and not a mere imitation or update of romanticism or modernism or minimalism or whatever, requires misbehaving, going a little crazy.”

Read more here. (Article by Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch, January 29, 2014.)


“Crazy Jane is a subset of Cascadia, all women composers, which puts on its own concert yearly. It’s the most non-academic, eclectically encompassing and bewitchingly entertaining of the Cascadia concerts and last year’s was Standing Room Only!!! How’s that for striking a blow for current classic music and building audience?”

Read more here. (Article by Maria Choban, Oregon Arts Watch, June 21, 2013.)


Composers Speak Out

Some of our founding composers talk about what being part of the Crazy Jane concert series means to them.